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We sit down with you to discuss your goals. What would you like to achieve? Why hasn't this been done before? We then create a tailor-made training and nutrition plan.

We like to keep this as simple as possible, no nonsense diet products and especially no crash diets. We will teach you the best techniques to use in a gym and include you in a true group dynamic. You are definitely not in this alone. After you finish your program with us, you will know exactly how to maintain your renewed lifestyle and how to tackle new goals.

Lifestyle coaching

Something else?

Single lesson PT, 60 min

Are you unsure whether personal training is meant for you, or maybe you want to improve your techniques?
Use a single lesson PT.

Single lesson PT, 30 min

Like quick and powerful? It's possible to train half an hour with a personal trainer.


Train together with a friend, colleague or partner coached by a personal trainer.

Online Coaching

Working with a personal trainer in a different way

After your wishes and goals have been discussed in an intake, you can login to our app and start working with your nutritional plan and personal training plan. You won't be alone in this, many other people are taking the same route. Share your experiences, questions and progress in the online coaching group and private Facebook group where your stay in touch.


Online coaching is made for everyone, whether you are a student, busy parent or business owner

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During the intake we will look at your goals and make an plan of action. We will get an image of you as a person, your strengths and point of improvement by asking the right questions. We will take a look at your current eating habits and in this interview we will assess if we are a good match as coach.


While putting together your nutritional plan we will take a look at your current nutrition and habits. We calculate how much calories you need and what the ratio between macro and micro nutrients should be.


While putting together your personal trainingsplan we look at which form of training best suits your goals. This strongly depends on your experience. How many sets? How many repetitions? What exercises? How much weight will we use? We will have the answer to all of these questions.


1 on 1 personal training sessions. During these sessions you get the real work done. After your training we guarrantee you will go home satisfied. Together we will reach you potential.


In the app you will find your fully customized nutrition plan, training plan and your results.


During these moments we will discuss your progress and all of your questions can be answered. We might have to modify your nutrition- or training schedule. We will take progress pictures of you to visualize the progress you've made.


You are doing groceries but don't know whether the yoghurt should be without sugar, or without fat? You are training but you've lost motivation? All reasons to quickly contact your personal trainer.

Meet the coaches

Aaron Eisank

Aaron has 8 years of experience as a personal trainer with a background in physical therapy. With his broad knowledge he trains beginners as well as professional athletes. Aaron himself has done 3 bodybuilding competitions so he knows what it takes!

Tristan Eisank

Tristan has 6 years of experience working as a personal trainer. He is known for pushing you to your limit. Learning from Tristan is a guarantee for succes, on any level. With his passion for kickboxing he likes to challenge you on the pads.

nieuwe trainer2

Samantha Peeters

Na 2 jaar zelf het pad bewandeld te hebben staat ze nu te springen om jou te begeleiden zodat jij jouw doelen kunt behalen. Ze weet precies wat er voor nodig is om je levensstijl aan te passen en dit vol te houden!




Samantha +6 KG STRONGER & MORE FIT A transformation to be proud of! In twelve weeks Samantha did not only lose fat, but also gained 6KG muscle mass! This resulted in the toned body that Samantha has always dreamed of. Proud of you!



Lotte -10 KG LIGHTER AND MORE FIT Lotte did it! Within 12 weeks she lost 10 KG. Because she became stronger and gained muscle mass, she got in great shape. With help from a full body training schedule and a tailor-made nutrition plan made by her trainer Jim she transformed herself.



Petchino -27 KG LICHTER, STRONGER AND CONFIDENT There is no other person that Jim trained that has been this thorough if following his advice, and it shows! He has gone through a huge transformation! From obese to beast -27KG. During this process he...



Glenn 0KG change, still made a huge difference! GOOD NUTRITION, STRONGER BODY Glenn is a good example to show that weight isn't everything when tracking your goals. Under the guidance of Jim, this beast has lost +/- 8% bodyfat and built muscle mass at the same time! His weight has remained almost constant. This is proof of how nutrition makes a huge difference!